Webinar: Are you ready for EMIR?


Date: Monday, October 28, 2013
Starting at: 2:00pm (GMT), 3:00pm (CET), 9:00am (EST)
Location: London
Contact: James Blanche


Essentially, end-investors and fund managers with swap portfolios need to get ready for EMIR. That means:

  1. Decide if you are exempt from compliance with EMIR under the threshold and hedging limits, and if so, whether you want to be
  2. Work out which swaps (IRS and CDS, basically) will be cleared and which will continue to trade bi-laterally
  3. Choose a clearing broker (bearing in mind any existing futures and options and bi-lateral swap business with a broker, credit risk, margin management requirements and point 4 below)
  4. Choose a secondary, back-up clearing broker
  5. Decide the division of business between primary and secondary clearing broker
  6. Assess whether you have the right collateral (e.g. cash) available in the portfolios
  7. If the right collateral is not available, investigate where and how to get it (e.g. the repo market)
  8. Consider appointing a third party collateral manager (e.g. BNY Mellon, but need to look at any existing custodian relationship)
  9. Select the CCPs that clear the right swaps and whose procedures (including asset segregation) you like
  10. Choose and post initial margin to CCPs for the first time
  11. Decide on any asset segregation arrangements at the CCPs
  12. Renegotiate CSAs to put effective collateral management arrangements in place
  13. Choose trade repositories; Work out how to report to trade repositories (i.e. assess the number of legal entities involved, including individual funds/beneficial owners in the case of a fund manager acting for third party clients, and work out the division of labour with clearing broker, and any third party applications or services, e.g. Traiana)


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The webinar will be moderated by COOConnect founding partner Dominic Hobson, and will include the following panellists:


Opening and closing remarks by Dominic Hobson, Founder of COOConnect.


David Nowell is Head of Industry Relations and Regulatory Compliance at UnaVista, London Stock Exchange Group. He has over 20 years’ financial services experience on both sides of the regulatory fence, having worked previously for the FSA, Reuters and Credit Suisse. At Credit Suisse, he was Transaction Reporting Manager, responsible for ensuring compliance across all aspects of the reporting process and advising on new regulatory requirements. Prior to this, Nowell was a Technical Specialist within the Transaction Monitoring Unit at the FSA, where he was responsible for shaping the transaction reporting rules and providing guidance to UK firms. David was the FSA’s representative on transaction reporting in Europe for a number of years where he was intimately engaged in policy negotiations with other regulators, giving him a unique insight into the policy making process and the regulators’ expectations of the industry.





Each panel discussion will be broadcast live and will take place at a central London venue. Attendees will be able submit questions online that can be put to the panellists during the webinar.


Webinar Replays

Access to the recording of the webinars will be made available in three formats: as a video recording, as a written transcript of the discussion and as a podcast.



Please contact James Blanche, Director of Sales, if you would like further information on any of these webinars, to suggest a webinar topic, to participate in a panel discussion or to discuss sponsorship opportunities; by email at james.blanche@mycooconnect.com or by telephone on +44 (0)7769 277 927.


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