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IMS Group: Shifting the burden of compliance from hedge funds
Published on Feb 09, 2011,
Over the next few years, the regulatory landscape governing hedge funds will be markedly different. Compliance staff in numerous asset management firms are currently sifting through a whole raft of edicts dictating what their outfits can and cannot do. This is not a simple, straightforward task.
Facebook for Forex cuts the costs of FX bargains: An Integral part of business
Published on Jan 20, 2011,
Integral has a simple idea: to cut the cost of foreign exchange trading by using technology to widen the number of counterparties market participants can do business with. The company then uses further technology to aggregate executable prices from banks, brokers, ECNs and foreign exchange trading platforms, and sort and rank them to give its users the best bid or offer price for a trade of the size indicated. The CEO says the model is working exactly as intended.
Nobody's puppet marketer
Published on Jan 05, 2011,
The hedge fund industry continues to attract capital, but in modest amounts, and at speeds which are uncomfortably slow. Investors are cautious, and inclined to shift their allocations towards the largest and most business-like managers. To whom can the start-up, the small and the mid-sized look for help? Marilyn Brydges might just be the answer.
How to market a fund successfully in Asia
Published on Jan 05, 2011,
Triple A Partners is a third party marketing organisation based in Hong Kong. Its CEO Paul Smith told COOConnect that Asian investors are little different from their counterparts in Europe and North America. They are cautious, and inclined to choose the big names.
BBH’s Christine Donovan puts the record straight on her future
Published on Dec 15, 2010,
Securities lending industry insiders were surprised by news that industry legend Christine Donovan might be leaving Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), where her longstanding vision of how business should be conducted has proved admirably well suited to the post-crisis environment. It turns out, however, that Donovan is merely moving into a strategic role, with day-to-day management of the securities lending business at BBH passing to her deputy Missy Seidel. Donovan told Dominic Hobson about her plans, and the opportunities she sees in the current climate.
Broker of choice
Published on Dec 15, 2010,
Merlin Securities is a six year old introducing broker that specialises in helping hedge funds find the right prime brokerage and trading services, including access to best execution irrespective of the instrument and the execution venue. In a trading environment where a mixture of technology, regulation and infrastructural upheaval seems to have disintermediated virtually everybody except the principals to the trade, how on earth has Merlin found a role intermediating trades for hedge funds?
Need for Speed: Providing real-time information to algorithmic traders
Published on Nov 26, 2010,
Light travelling around the Earth’s equator, a house fly’s wing flap and the time taken by the human brain to recognise the emotion on a facial expression – all of these events take milliseconds to occur. However, some of these times pale in comparison to the speeds associated with the ground-breaking real-time financial information technology being offered in the world of high-frequency trading.
CEO Akhshaya Bhargava on the Butterfield Fulcrum managed accounts platform
Published on Aug 01, 2010,
It is not hard to see why hedge fund managers are unenthusiastic about managed accounts. They make it harder to trade and easier for investors to exit, because assets are always held in the name of the managed account and not of the fund manager. Unfortunately, there are some large institutional investors who are developing an appetite for managed accounts, and for reasons which are the mirror images of the reasons why hedge fund managers dislike them: transparency and liquidity.
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