About Us

What We Are

COO Connect is a peer group network of Chief Operating Officers (COOs) and their staff working in fund management. Its members share their knowledge and experience of attracting, retaining and informing investors; selecting and managing prime brokers and fund administrators; controlling the risks of investment strategies, financing, valuations and compliance; and building and developing the infrastructure of human talent, technology and operational processes that enables a firm to grow. COO Connect exists to facilitate that process..

What We Are Not

COO Connect is not a trade association for lobbying market authorities, or making submissions to government departments, regulators and tax offices, or an educational or examining body for raising or maintaining professional standards, or a conference group, or a consultancy. Nor is it a substitute for the personal networks of its members. It is a formal, knowledge-sharing partnership of industry peers, supported by a secure web-based communication platform, staff providing news and survey-based research, webinars and other events, and access to professional experts.

Why We Are Necessary

Existing networks, including the informal groups of COOs that exist already, trade associations such as AIMA and MFA, and conferences and seminars, all have valuable roles to play. But none of them is engaged in the translation of statements of policy and best practices, and shared knowledge and experience, into practical solutions that can be implemented by fund managers economically, simply and immediately. COO Connect aims to provide a neutral forum, untainted by third party vendors and consultants, that provides practical advice and solutions to real business issues, great and small.

The Benefits of Membership

The principal benefit of membership is the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with industry peers, in a variety of ways, without ever losing control of the information that is shared. No firm is excellent in every sphere, so every firm has something to learn from the process. By sharing knowledge and experience, COO Connect members will also save themselves both time and money, by getting to the best solution to a particular problem much more quickly and cheaply than by using the alternative method of in-house research or external consultancy.

The Economics

Membership of COOConnect is free to accredited COOs at fund management firms. The benefits of the network are funded through sponsorship of individual members by prime brokers, administrators, IT vendors and other sell-side entities. Certain sponsors acquire the right to question the membership in a controlled way on a limited number of occasions. They can also engage commercial promotion compatible with the maintenance of the integrity of the network, such as membership of expert panels, sponsored research, enhanced directory entries and sponsorship of all or part of some network events.