The very short guide to MyCOOConnect

  • What it is
    MyCOOConnect is a digital platform that supports a peer group network of hedge fund COOs. Membership is open only to buy- side COOs.
    What it does
    It enables COOs all over the world to talk to each other by e-mail and chat, share news, opinions and documents, form groups, agree dates, write and send notes, ask experts their opinion, and interrogate databases of information about prime brokers, administrators and IT vendors.
  • What else it does
    Members can also use MyCOOConnect to maintain and manage their own e-mail, documents, contact lists and activities and store it all in one list, in one place.
  • E-mailing members
    Every member of MyCOOConnect is open to dialogue with other mem- bers. In the Message Center section are familiar tools for sending and receiving e-mails. Other tools enable you to divert existing email inboxes into one. When you reply, it will still come from the right address.

  • Chatting
    The Live Discussions section of MyCOOConnect hosts dedicated and open peer-to-peer, online conversations which any member can join at any time.
  • Sharing stuff
    Through its easy-to-use Opinions and News tools, MyCOOConnect enables members to broadcast what they believe and what they saw to other members including members they have yet to get to know (but only if they want to).
  • Getting together
    In the Networks section of MyCOOConnect, any member can create a group, invite other members to join it, solicit applications to join, and indeed refuse applications to join

  • A date in the diary
    The Calendar tool enables members to log events and activities they are organizing in the calendars of other members automatically.
  • Taking notes
    Writing yourself a note (or even a sticky note) is as easy at MyCOOConnect as it is on your mobile phone, and you can broadcast or publish it to other members too.
  • Expert advice
    MyCOOConnect is recruiting experts in everything that matters to COOs, from the law to technology, and asking them to pay for the privilege of answering your questions.
  • Searching data
    MyCOOConnect is distributing RFP-equivalent, detailed questionnaires to prime brokers and administrators, and making the answers available exclusively to members in searchable databases. IT vendors come next.

  • Filing documents
    In Manage Documents is a set of tools that help you store documents in files and folders, and share them with other members of MyCOOConnect.

  • Keeping in touch
    In the Contact section are tools that help you store, maintain, manage and search the names and contact details of everybody you know, including how you know them and who they report to—and download the details into spreadsheets and PDFs whenever you want.

  • Keeping up
    In the Activities section is a running list in date order of all the things you have done in all parts of MyCOOConnect, both on your own and with other members.

  • Things to come
    MyCOOConnect is developing a polling tool that enables members to get instant feedback on multiple choice questionnaires, and a sophisticated but easy-to-use survey construction tool to design and build their own questionnaires, broadcast them, and collect the results in various formats. Members also get privileged access to a think tank of academics, a best practice database, provider directories, networking events, news updates and a members’ magazine, COO.
  • The cost
  • How to join
    To find out how to become a member click here. Once you have completed the application form and we have checked you are who you say you are, your membership begins with the dispatch of a user name and login.
    What happens next is up to you.