COOConnect IS ...

A membership group open to accredited and registered buy-side COOs only
A formal, knowledge-sharing partnership conducted by web, webinar, seminar and event
A secure, authenticated forum for COOs to exchange and store information
A library of peer-reviewed, RFP-derived data on service providers and vendors
A provider of research, survey, best practice and benchmarking services
A way to obtain free access to panels of experts on current or difficult topics
A means of access on privileged terms to providers of useful data and advice
A web platform whose core services are closed to all but members

COOConnect is NOT ...

A replacement for existing formal or informal networks of COOs
A conference group arranging industry events for commercial gain
A substitute for the personal networks of buy-side COOs
A user group controlled by vendors or service providers
A trade association for lobbying market authorities or government departments
An educational or examining body for raising or maintaining professional standards,
A consultancy or group of consultants looking to sell services at hourly rates
A web site or media platform dependent for its success on the number of visitors