ZAN Partners implements Paladyne FastStart™ as its Integrated Front-, Middle-, and Back-Office ASP Solution

Mar 01, 2011

New York, London, and Hong Kong, March 1, 2011 – Paladyne Systems, Inc., the leading provider of next generation investment management solutions, today announced that ZAN Partners Ltd, an independent investment management firm based in London, has successfully implemented Paladyne FastStart™ as its fully-hosted front- to back-office solution.

ZAN Partners elected to replace its existing in-house portfolio accounting and general ledger system with Paladyne FastStart™, a unique combination of order management and portfolio management functionality delivered as a fully hosted, ASP solution. Paladyne FastStart™ provides ZAN Partners with order management, pre-and post-trade compliance, real-time P&L; and exposure monitoring, portfolio management, NAV reporting and automated 3rd-party reconciliation. Paladyne’s hosted platform, known as Paladyne ASP™, provides ZAN Partners with a fully managed IT service, 24×7 technical and product support, hardware, product upgrades and mirrored (“hot site”) disaster recovery.

“Once we decided to make the switch to Paladyne’s all-in-one solution we gave their services team a very aggressive migration timeline,” explained Zain Naqi, CEO of ZAN Partners. “We were really impressed by the speed and thoroughness of the entire Paladyne FastStart™ implementation, and look forward to a close partnership with Paladyne in the coming years.”

“We are thrilled that we were able to transition ZAN Partners to our platform in a very short period of time,” commented Sameer Shalaby, CEO of Paladyne. “ZAN Partners is yet another example of a firm making the decision to move away from heavier, less integrated in-house solutions, to Paladyne’s fully-hosted front-to-back solution, which has the ability to shadow all of a firm’s counterparties including the fund administrator.”

About Paladyne FastStart™

Paladyne FastStart™ is an easily deployable ASP-delivered solution that combines Paladyne’s front-to-back technology platform, with operational and IT support, and is designed to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency and control.

About Paladyne Systems

Paladyne Systems, Inc. (, is the leading provider of next generation investment management solutions. Paladyne offers its integrated front-, middle- and back-office platform, known as the Paladyne Suite™, to hedge funds, asset managers, fund administrators, and prime brokers. The modular Paladyne Suite™ includes order management, portfolio management, reference data management, data warehouse reporting and reconciliation, and is complemented by the Paladyne Network™, which is comprised of a number of preferred strategic partnerships with leading software and market data firms. The solution can be delivered onsite or via Paladyne's industry-leading application service provider solution, Paladyne ASP™. Paladyne was established in 2005 and now serves over 140 clients worldwide. The firm has approximately 160 employees, and is headquartered in New York, with regional offices in New Jersey, London, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Sales Contacts
Neil Sullivan, Paladyne Americas (New York) Sales
+1 (646) 214-3726

Eric Royer, Paladyne Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong) Sales
+852 6206 9153

Jonathan Cross, Paladyne EMEA (London) Sales
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