Directories - Coming Soon

The COO Connect Directories provide an easy single point of access to leading service providers, vendors and professional service firms in the following categories:

Directory Categories:

Agent Lenders
Data Vendors
Hedge Fund Administrators
Prime Brokers
Public Relations Consultants
Technology Vendors
Recruitment Firms

The directories are divided into a public section, which is available to all visitors to the site, and a private section, which is available to members of COOConnect only. The public areas of the directories provide summary information, derived from publicly available sources, supplemented by information provided directly from service providers. They include contact details, so that you can get in touch with these organizations. The private areas of the directories include extended profiles, derived from private information supplied by the service providers, vendors and professional services firms themselves, and product and service assessments contributed by members of COOConnect. Special features enable members to rate the products and services of the organizations listed in the private sections of the directories. For information about becoming a member of COOConnect, please click here.

COOConnect constantly reviews the services available from different service providers, vendors and professional services firms, but we are also pleased to hear from new entrants, and to update information and correct errors. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our directories, please e-mail Dominic Hobson at or director of sales James Blanche at